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Commercial & Industrial Printing

Tazza Design and Print has considerable commercial and industrial experience. We are particularly noted for our ability to print on objects in a wide variety of shapes or sizes, making possible ideas for components, exhibitions or marketing that might otherwise be rejected as impractical.

We can print on ceramics, perspex and plastic, wood, metal, clothing and vinyl among others, and can also produce self-adhesive stickers and banners.

In situations where you want your name to be seen, or people need to be seen, we can produce badges, armbands, sashes, tabards and jackets. And where safety and visibility is paramount our exclusive GLO-MARKA products are the best reflective range available. GLO-MARKA performs day and night, is unaffected by rain, is easily cleaned of oil and dirt, and comes in a range of colours. Our high-visibility products are also useful for cyclists, motorcyclists and runners.

If you have an idea but are not sure of how to approach it, call us and we’ll guide you as to the best way to achieve your aim.

Some of what we do:
• Screen printing
• Pad printing
• Hot foil blocking/stamping
• Able to print on to objects of almost any shape
• Printing on to plastic, perspex, wood and metal High frequency welding (Hi vis plastic products)
• Exclusive GLO-MARKA high-visibility reflective products
• Armbands, badges, belts, jackets, sashes, tabards and waist bands
• Vinyl printing for banners and self-adhesive stickers
• Printing on to all kinds of clothing, aprons, t-shirts & workwear
• Printing on to industrial and electronic components
• Printing on to cosmetic and foodstuffs jars
• Printing on to mugs, cups and complimentary gift items

Burton Art Gallery sign
Road Marshal sign

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