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When it’s important to be seen, our industry-standard GLO-MARKA high-visibility reflective products are a must. Supplied exclusively by Tazza Design and Print, our GLO-MARKA reflective range is the leading visibility safety product on the market. The unique retro-reflexive prismatic surface of GLO-MARKA renders the wearer highly conspicuous, day or night, and in all conditions. The reflective surface can be applied to all kinds of products, is unaffected by rain, is easily cleaned of oil and dirt, and comes in a range of colours.

Manufactured using Reflexite®, GLO-MARKA can be applied to a variety of products:

· Sam Browne belts
· Waist belts
· Armbands
· Sashes
· Waistcoats
· Tabards
· Safety helmets
· Bicycle helmets
· Also available as tape (self-adhesive or sew-on)

GLO-MARKA self-adhesive or sew-on tape lets you customise your own clothing, equipment, machinery or transport, so you can decide how best to warn others of your presence or that of a potential hazard.

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